Who we are

A team of web designer (knowledge of photoshop, illustrator, flash) and coder-programmer (knowledge of html, css, javascript, php, mysql), below called Web Studio Nika design, seriously decide to change Internet for the better.

What we do

Design studio Nika design specializing in sites creation, mainly for medium and samll business.

What makes us different from our competitors

A distinctive feature of the studio is the low price and high quality of developed sites. We work for results, not for the money.

Why are we cheaper

Opinion that the site must be expensive mistakenly. It is imposed on those who want to work less and earn more. But cheaper does not mean worse, in confirmation of these words refer to our porfolio.

Our advantages:

  • professional, serious and responsible approach to business;
  • legal liability of the parties (contract);
  • possibility of non-cash payments;
  • meeting deadlines;
  • guarantee;
  • cost minimization.

Why should you order a website from us

Now create sites all and sundry. However, these "sites" ashamed to show even to close relatives. If you want a site that would work on your image, was carried out professionally and beautifully, and even to all for a reasonable price, please contact us.

If you find the same level of site services, but cheaper than ours, we guarantee you a discount!